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Welcome! The Breaking News Network is a national hyperlocal network in over 300 cities dedicated to community service and social media sourced news. Each city in our network is managed by locals. If you’re a business, civic group, arts organization or good cause, and you’re actively using Facebook to share your community news, events, initiatives, or even reviews, we’d love to make you an admin to our Facebook page in your city.


We firmly believe in the power of social media at the local level. Most of your daily errands, your business and your livelihood is really done within walking and driving distance. We want to empower you to be able to reach your local audience via our 300+ Facebook pages. Again, we are community service media. We believe in Buy Local. We will never charge you a cent for helping you get your word out, ever.


You can post through our Breaking News Facebook pages (whatever city you are from) as a content creator admin

Ready? You need to apply with us here. We won’t authorize spammers, so read these simple rules about who we authorize ( and if you match up, you’ll get an email from us to get started). You may also apply for our Twitter retweet program if you’re active on Twitter.


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