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We check your Twitter feed for selection into our Retweet Program.

  1. Strong Twitter history discussing your city and community. We especially like local media (like, politicians, civic groups, arts and events groups, and good causes.
  2. Creative Twitter history, no posting the same content over and over. Variety is good.
  3. No extreme politics.
  4. Setting tweets private won’t work, nor new accounts with less than 50 tweets.

If you meet all the criteria, we’ll tweet back to you with the city hashtag you’ll use so we can RT your tweets.

We also ask don’t go wild with the RTs, 2x daily to start is about right. If we like your tweets, you may do more. We can also de-authorize, but we are pleased to say we have not done this yet. Folks on Twitter are the best!

We hope we can help get your message across to your community.


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