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Once upon a time, the media’s idealized role was to uphold the journalist code of ethics for impartial reporting. Granted, journalistic bias has historically always existed at an opaque level because publishers have always had agendas. ¬†However, the transparency of today’s media environment calls publishers’ agendas into question continuously, whether it’s from another media source with countering viewpoints or simply from somebody on Twitter. Nothing is immune to bias, even Wikipedia wrestles with a prolific writer who keeps on deleting references to global warming as a causative factor to the volatility of Hurricane Sandy.

For the most part, media has given up the pretense of impartiality and now seem to position their reporting on a scale of left / center / right based on their audiences. This new media environment has produced the divisive press coverage for Election 2012 that seems bookended by the liberals, now renamed progressives, and the Tea Party. We created Blue Press and Red Press as two ways to view breaking political news covered by the lenses of each side. Look at both sides and see how they can spin the same event with completely different interpretations. We love Blue Press and Red Press and hope you watch as the Election approaches next Tuesday.

Blue Press

Red Press

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