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We’re always creating new ways to find out about what is happening in our cities using social media feeds. We want to show our communities the cultural activities, the politics, sports, business, things to do, and the foodie scene in a way that hasn’t been done before in local publishing. Instead of asking our community institutions to submit events and posts for publication like a typical local newspaper would, we want to pull the social media – i.e., the Twitter, Pinterest and RSS feeds – from these institutions for automatic display as a news feed.

One of our main missions is to promote our local institutions, arts organizations and good causes. Here’s an example of how we can develop a “Pinterest” style tile format display to dynamically show the latest news about Baltimore’s National Aquarium.

We support good causes like, with the mission of getting our young people involved in helping others:

We’re partnering with Rebelmouse to build these displays. If you are an organization with an active social media profile, we can build you a social media page for inclusion into one of our 300 cities. Just ask here:


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