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In our previous post, Four Trends in Hyperlocal for 2013, we think the building of Brand Advocate Networks is the biggest trend to watch because so few pundits are seeing how all the commenters and reviewers on social media can be curated, and aggregated into advocate networks. Look at your local online newspaper and note how many comments each article receives, but every commentator seems to comment into a vacuum. We think it’s important for good commentators in the community to be heard, and it’s the reason we established our Retweet program to broadcast their content through our media feeds. Our big idea is to mobilize our 1,000+ Retweeters to advocate for local and national brands and get them tied into their communities.

The Breaking News Network has been running over three years in over 300 cities and has amassed 400,000 followers on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus – who are devoted to non-commercial, curated local news. We want to leverage our following by making our 300+ social media feeds (like @BreakingSFNews) brand advocates to great causes and arts organizations like, St Jude, Hurricane Sandy Relief, #GivingTuesday and the International Beethoven Festival.

We want your input on how best to serve our communities. Here are the ways to start discussions on how the Network can assist your organization with an established, national brand advocacy network:

1) Join us on The Breaking News Network community on Google Plus

2) Join our Retweet program so we can RT your tweets across our Network at “Why we want to Retweet your Tweets


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