Restaurants, you are the dining table of your community

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Restaurants, you’re the dining room table of your community. You likely found your way to this article via our tweet like this:

breakingsfnews restaurants

The Breaking News Network always champions the restaurants, the grocers and the food trucks as suppliers of nourishment and conversation within our cities. We think Twitter is the best way to get your word out to the community at large, and we’d be pleased to promote your tweets that talk about:

  • Your neighborhood and community news
  • Your special events
  • Your reviews on Yelp or Chowhound
  • Your sources of inspiration
  • Links to your special menu, say, for Valentine’s Day.

We’d like to invite you to our Retweet Program. Simply put, if you’re a restaurant or in the food business and you know not to spam our readers, please add your twitter feed, name and email address to the list below. We’ll inspect your Twitter account and authorize you.

We’re now in the process of brewing up some great campaigns that we hope you’ll like and participate in. Be friends with us!

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