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If you’re a advocate, we invite you to register for our Media Amplification Program here, or simply add the hashtag #DSadvocate (for DoSomething advocate) onto a tweet and we’ll find you and authorize you!, the largest organization for young people and social change in the US, and The Breaking News Network (“TheBNN”) today announced a media collaboration that supports DoSomething’s cause based campaigns by expanding their reach into local communities. The collaboration aims to maximize grassroots participation in DoSomething’s campaigns by amplifying the social media feeds of DoSomething’s advocate base through The BNN’s media network of 300+ US cities.

Naomi Hirabayashi, DoSomething’s CMO has leveraged the power of media to build DoSomething’s brand nationally, and believes it’s important to attach local faces to growing the grassroots effort. “Being local is critical for getting the word out at DoSomething. We know that the one of the best ways for young people to easily participate in our campaigns is through word of mouth. Yet, most teens don’t have the media connections to reach their immediate communities as effectively as they can. With access to The BNN’s local media feeds, our members not only can talk about DoSomething, but also contribute news about and ideas for their community”.

The Breaking News Network curates and publishes the most interesting local media and blog feeds in each of its 350 cities. Its main mission is to provide a non-commercial media voice to local institutions in the communities it serves. According to Patrick Kitano, administrator of The BNN, “We’ve long supported causes getting their messages out to their community by automatically sharing their updates via what we call our Media Amplification Program. With DoSomething, we’re giving their teen advocates the means to tell their stories through our network’s social media. It’s often the first opportunity a teen has to be given media access. We’re unique in personalizing advocacy and building advocate networks that are locally focused. It makes the work of giving and helping out the community much easier when a real live local face asks for participation”.

In addition to sharing DoSomething’s advocates tweets and status updates to The BNN’s readers, The BNN will also create a web presence across its cities that documents DoSomething’s local and national activities in real time. The presentation, shown here localized for San Francisco, is designed in the tile format popularized by Pinterest and is deployed in partnership with Rebelmouse.


We love teens. They are creative, active, wired…and frustrated that our world is so messed up. harnesses that awesome energy and unleashes it on causes teens care about. Almost every week, we launch a new national campaign. The call to action is always something that has a real impact and doesn’t require money, an adult, or a car. With a goal of 5 million active members by 2015, is one of the largest organizations in the US for teens and social change. Join us at

About The Breaking News Network

Started in 2009, the Breaking News Network curates the most interesting media and blog feeds (avoiding car crashes and mundane crime reports) in 350 cities worldwide to create a real-time ticker tape of social media sourced news in each city. The noncommercial network is unique in supporting each city’s civic groups, politicians, arts organizations and causes by providing them with a free media voice to connect with their community. The Network now has, in aggregate, over 400,000 dedicated followers in part because they will never encounter a banner ad on the sites.

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