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The Breaking News Network supports the arts as part of our mission to serve the public good. Independent filmmakers are critical to the documentation of communities, but indie films are obscure because they generally lack national ad campaigns. When indies have theatrical runs across a number of cities, they lack media access to local news ecosystems to market or publicize their showings.  The BNN wants to give a break to indie filmmakers by proactively providing this media access across every city in their theatrical run.

Here’s an example of how the BNN has helped indie filmmaker¬†Stephen Silha with the local marketing of his film Big Joy, The Adventures of James Broughton, last month’s winner of best documentary at the Florida Film Festival. We’ve authorized the Twitter account @BigJoyProject to have specific tweets retweeted through @BreakingNYCNews when Stephen adds the hashtag #NYC to the tweet.

@BreakingNYCNews automatically retweets @BigJoyProject whenever it uses the city hashtag. It does not retweet it if the hashtag does not appear.

We authorize your Twitter account for every city in your run. Let us know who you are:

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