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Here’s the best way to find the latest events in your city.

SpinGo, an innovative events calendar publisher, and The Breaking News Network (“TheBNN”) today announced a media partnership that expands SpinGo’s marketing reach directly into 350+ local communities served by TheBNN. The collaboration provides events producers with local and social media marketing capabilities.

SpinGo is an event engine. They gather, verify, and categorize event information into a massive database, and they syndicate that content to an interactive calendar that media partners customize for their own audience. The engine includes custom calendars, widgets, and mobile apps.

Jordan Davis, Vice President of Partners at SpinGo, is responsible for optimizing SpinGo’s media partner network. He said, “Publicizing community events is just as much a part of the local media landscape as the news itself. The biggest hurdle to marketing any local event is timely publicity, particularly in local media markets. That’s where The Breaking News Network comes in. Their mission to provide a communal voice across the country fits right into SpinGo’s social mission to get people involved in their communities by attending events.”

The Breaking News Network curates and publishes the most interesting local media and blog feeds in each of its 350 cities to over 400,000 followers. Its main mission is to provide a non-commercial media voice to local institutions in the communities it serves. According to Patrick Kitano, administrator of The BNN, “We’ve long supported events producers getting their messages out to their community by automatically sharing their updates via what we call our Media Amplification Program. With SpinGo, we can provide local events producers another avenue to publicize their events with our readers.”
SpinGo’s Events Calendars are displayed on the websites and the Facebook pages of TheBNN cities. You can see a list of all the cities with Calendars at SpinGo Partners, and on our City Directory (click on the Calendar links).
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