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groupCommunities rely on associations like Chambers of Commerce and Community Foundations to develop and coordinate community initiatives. Before social media, the responsibility for herding the cats together, planning events and marketing all fell on the directors and staff of these organizations. Do you remember that? Now that many businesses and nonprofits are (or should be) on social media, collaboration and execution of association initiatives can be performed online via Facebook groups or Google Hangouts. Moreover, the association’s members all have voices to promote the events through their community on Twitter and Facebook. Enhanced productivity yields better results because the community is more engaged to support and contribute when it doesn’t take as much of busy work time.

We support your efforts!

The Breaking News Network adds one more element to publicizing your association announcements and events. We retweet your tweets through our unique Media Amplification Program. We authorize your Twitter feed so our city feed retweets your association’s tweet when it includes the hashtag of your city (find your city hashtag in our City Directory, it’s usually the city name)

Mayor Ed Lee Twitter @breakingsfnews

When @MayorEdLee tweets with city hashtag #SF (for San Francisco)

@breakingsfnews RT @mayoredlee Twitter feed

@BreakingSFNews RTs the tweet automatically to the city

If you represent or run the social media for your Chamber of Commerce or Community Foundation, we’ll immediately authorize your Twitter feed to help get your word out to your community.

Moreover, we’ll support your member nonprofits and small businesses by authorizing them for amplification as well. Just send the following email:

I’d like to introduce you to <find your city’s URL at our City Directory>. It’s a noncommercial news service that curates the best media and blog feeds in OKC<your city>, with the mission to serve our public good. They support local nonprofits and small business like yours and, once they authorize you,  will automatically retweet your tweets when you add the hashtag #OKC <find our city hashtag at our City Directory>.

It’s a free service and a simple to use way to get word out about your events and campaigns to our community.  Register at to get authorized.

<yours truly>

We’ll send your members an email and instruct them to add the city hashtag only to tweets that support or inform the community, and to avoid spamming.

If you want to get started simply register here:

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