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Education is undergoing a massive paradigm shift due to the availability of online learning resources like Khan Academy, and everybody with children knows it.  The Breaking News Network always supports educational initiatives and startups that are developing new ways to supplement traditional classroom learning.

Music and arts programs from K-12 have been hit hard by two concurrent trends. The reinforcement of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curricula in schools as a means to maintain vocational competitiveness is putting music and arts education on the back burner. And since it’s on the back burner, recessionary budget cuts in public education over the last five years have shut down these marginalized programs. And it’s hard to bring them back because these programs are no longer considered an essential part of an already constrained school budget. It’s up to us to do it. The first step is to build a groundswell of support from the group most impactful in bringing back music and arts education to our schools: the parents. If parents and grandparents can donate as little as $10 just to build the resources for advocacy, then educational foundations like MuzArt World and Education Through Music can help power the reinstatement of music and arts programs in our schools. Are you one of the following (and on Twitter)?

  • Music and arts educator
  • Music and arts education foundation
  • Music and arts school
  • Educational foundation
  • Music and arts foundation
  • Youth music program – orchestra, band or choir
  • PTA or parent organization
  • Public school, particularly schools of the arts

As a public service, we can amplify your tweets to your community by retweeting them to our readers (in aggregate numbering over 500,000). We do need to authorize you, so please register at our Media Amplification Program page. We want to build an advocate network for music and arts education in our schools, and we want to help you get your message out there so our voices can be heard.

Why is building this network so near to my heart? Both my sons have been privileged to study music since they were six years old. As they enter college and high school, their joy of music and confidence they exude as they hone their craft has me convinced that this should be a part of growing up. Patrick Kitano, @pkitano

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