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What makes The Breaking News Network unique is our commitment to giving community organizations and newsmakers a media voice within their city news feeds. We do this with our Media Amplification Program, and it’s powered by Grouptweet, a service that allows us retweet authorized Twitter accounts through our city feeds.

We believe all media companies should embrace community based curation to supplement their news feeds. If you’re in media or a publisher, try out Grouptweet (not an affiliate link btw!). Here’s an excerpt from the Grouptweet blog on how it’s used:

GroupTweet allows your reporters and journalists to Tweet from the company account simply by adding a hashtag to their Tweets.

No need for them to know your password or even use some other Twitter application or website. In the example below, Jared Halpern, reporter for Fox News Radio, sends the following Tweet from his personal account:

Notice that he included the #fnr hashtag in his Tweet. This tells GroupTweet he wants this message to also be Tweeted from the @FoxNewsRadio account.  As you can see below, the message is instantly Tweeted from the @FoxNewsRadio account and credit is attributed to @JaredHalpern.  Easy as that!

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