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Social Venture Network is a community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs working together to create transformational innovation, growth and impact. The community is developing a member based advocate network that will leverage social media to communicate and promote initiatives for social good.

This project is a partnership with SVN member The Breaking News Network, the largest hyperlocal media network devoted to the public good spanning over 400 cities globally. Over the last five years, The Breaking News Network has cultivated a loyal follower base of 500,000 who appreciate curation of the best media and blog feeds in 400 cities, presented in a noncommercial format that generates good will. One of the unique media features of the Network is its Media Amplification Program, which enables its city feeds to share selected social media messages from any pre-authorized Twitter account. Mayors and city councils, performing arts organizations, nonprofit news networks, local newscasters, indie filmmakers, and good causes all get their word out through the program. Building the advocate network simply entails authorizing SVN members’ Twitter accounts so they can message news and events to their immediate communities.


SVN members have been pre-authorized for amplification by the city feed of The Breaking News Network where they are located. The amplification method is simple: just add the hashtag #svnetwork to a tweet. For example, when @SVNetwork, with headquarters in San Francisco, adds the hashtag #svnetwork to a tweet, and @BreakingSFNews, the San Francisco news feed, will RT the tweet to its readers.

@svnetwork amplification

In addition, the tweet’s link is rendered in real time at the website


Amplification is selective and voluntary; if the SVN member tweet does not include the hashtag #svnetwork, there is no retweet. The Breaking News Network only asks that members make tweets relevant to community news and service, or for social good, and not to spam.

What do Advocate Networks do?

We can leverage advocate networks to create massive viral buzz for the social good. Excerpt from our post: Building a national viral campaign with a hashtag and a massive advocate network

On Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2013, we amplified the tweets of over 1,000 authorized local #GivingTuesday partners down to their city level as a community service. Our mission was simply to help local nonprofits spread the message of #GivingTuesday to their local constituents. The screenshot below is a sampling of the various retweets our city feeds (“via @HeritageNews”) made on behalf of the #GivingTuesday partners.

A sample of the #GivingTuesday amplification across 350 cities in The Breaking News Network

A sample of the #GivingTuesday amplification across 350 cities in The Breaking News Network

The Breaking News Network was responsible for about 8,000 #GivingTuesday tweets, ~ about 3% share of the 269,000 tweets delivered on Giving Tuesday, December 3… The total reach of those 8,000 tweets was well over 20 million in that one day … all focused at getting local nonprofits’ messages directly to their local audience. This is nonprofit fundraising’s sweet spot — local messaging and the sharing/retweeting of those messages is where community word of mouth happens.

Advocacy is a Sustainable Resource

We want to ensure the voice of social good business be delivered granularly to local levels by providing SVN members and organizations with media voices across 350 cities in America. With the advocate network in place, SVN can coordinate campaigns to support their members’ marketing and fundraising initiatives. In time, the advocate network will expand to include new members to SVN, and can potentially partner with other advocate networks being developed by The Breaking News Network comprised of civic groups, foundations, nonprofits, and brands who also have a vested interest in ensuring that social good be sustainable.

To join Social Venture Network and participate in this advocate network, visit

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