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BNNFunding logo smallWe’ll soon launch BNN Funding, the crowdfunding platform for social good that leverages The Breaking News Network to provide 350-city media and advocate marketing support for every campaign. Here’s a preview, we’ll fill in more details when we launch.

BNN Funding actively supports the marketing of the crowdfund campaign

The current crowdfunding model is woefully inadequate: once a project goes live on a crowdfunding portal, the portal provides no project syndication or marketing support. It’s a lot of work for the project creator, and many campaigns fail to reach their goal.

BNN Funding’s platform solves crowdfunding’s marketing deficiencies by syndicating localized marketing across 350 cities. Each city has marketing support from local “advocate networks” – individuals, groups and organizations that have a vested interest in helping the campaign succeed at the local level.

Localized marketing is critical to reaching the donor base

Localized crowdfunding is a major innovation because word of mouth marketing can truly happen down to the friends and family level. People generally make contributions when they are personally affected by the mission of the cause, or acting upon personal requests from people or groups close to them.

BNN Funding leverages the 350-city The Breaking News Network (“BNN”), the largest hyperlocal media network devoted to the social good. First, we use BNN to massively publicize a hashtag based campaign across 350 cities, reaching over 500,000 readers. Second, we help campaigners develop localized advocate networks in each city so advocates can publicize the campaign directly to their communities.

Building the advocate networks to support campaigns

The Advocate Network is a marketing concept built around the idea that having individuals, groups and organizations genuinely support a cause or brand using social media is far more persuasive and trustworthy than any other marketing method. For example, a crowdfunding campaign that supports women can garner the advocacy of other local women’s groups and nonprofits who are incentivized to see the campaign succeed.

BNN Funding develops Advocate Networks for campaigns by providing media amplification to authorized advocates across the 350 cities of The Breaking News Network. Over 4,000 local newsmakers, civic groups and nonprofits nationally already get their word out to their communities through this free community service.

Hashtags become powerful viral brands

Our campaigns leverage specific hashtags. Creating national campaigns to introduce a “brand” no longer requires a Super Bowl size ad buy. Hashtags are the brand, and in aggregate they become instantly recognizable by consumers, especially when hundreds or even thousands of advocates are using and promoting the same hashtag (remember, BNN has 350 individual cities promoting the hashtag). We demonstrated the BNN’s ability to create viral buzz around a hashtag to reach 30 million in one day.

Advocate networks are genuine and sustainable. Once an advocate network is established, it can be tapped over and over again to support serial crowdfunding campaigns.

Who can apply?

We work with both nonprofits and social enterprises that are raising money for a social good cause, product or service. We differ from other crowdfunding portals by selecting the campaigns we believe will succeed using our unique marketing methodology. Our compensation is based on a crowdfunding marketing fee that is comparable to other well known crowdfunding portals, and there are no upfront expenses.

Final word

Crowdfunding is not just fundraising, it’s exposure by getting your community, whether it is local or national, to know who you are and how you contribute to their daily lives. The BNN Funding philosophy is to widely expose social good causes, products and services; the funds raised is the cherry on top.

How to apply?

We’ll open the application process upon launch. In the meantime, applicants please follow the @BNNFunding Twitter feed; you’ll get on our radar too.


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