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Curation of the community is more than just local news, it’s curation of the content the community creates. We’re focused on promoting the local cultural institutions creating content that enriches daily lives, so one of the missions of The Breaking News Network is to expose the real time messaging of museums, performing arts organizations, and events organizers. Simply put, we want our readers to learn about the events, exhibitions and news related to our cultural institutions, and how they impact our communities.

We do this two ways. First, we give cultural institutions a local media voice through our hashtag amplification program.  Any museum can add the hashtag of their city, and we’ll RT their tweets automatically to that city’s readers.

@RochesterNYbuzz RTing @magur

If you run social media for a cultural institution, you’ll need to get the institution’s Twitter feed authorized first.

Second, we use the innovative Rebelmouse platform to chronicle the social media messaging of these cultural institutions in real time as a web page on our Breaking News websites. For example, we feature about a dozen major San Francisco museums on, like the Asian Art Museum, and we have created pages for over 500 museums nationally across our 400 city network.

Asian Art Museum on

We believe cultural and civic institutions shouldn’t need to do anything extra to get their message across the community. It’s incumbent on local media networks like ours to ensure their voices are heard. By leveraging social media, we simply set the webpages and the Twitter feeds to syndicate content from these cultural institutions, and they continually and automatically update. It’s far more efficient than the tedious editor submission model to local publishers. If you’re a civic institution, in the performing arts, or a nonprofit, we’d be pleased to promote your work (free) in your city, apply below.
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